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Home » Claims Management

Claims Management

Ensuring Fast, Effective Claims Resolutions in Los Angeles, CA

What is Claims Management?

Managing claims is a high-level skill that includes containing costs and effectively analyzing claim information while providing complete customer service.  Effectively managing claims requires the implementation of a controlled system and it requires other elements that make organization and efficiency easier.  At Foroutan Insurance Services we have a claims management system through which we support clients fully.  This system helps us advocate for clients, inform clients, and liaise with insurance companies to ensure that claims resolutions are satisfactory.

The objective of claims management is to ensure that clients are reimbursed duly and that payments that are made are accurate.  The claims workflow process is changing.  As new businesses put rules into place and as business processes evolve, claims systems require updating.  Updates made to claims systems must account for claimant behavior and must be able to eliminate errors, detect fraud, and balance lost costs.  These systems must also integrate workflows and processes that different kinds of businesses use.  At Foroutan Insurance Services we integrate fully and ensure that all claims resolutions of which we’re a part are accurate and effective.

What Do We Do?

For businesses, claims often differ in ways that personal claims do not, but that does not mean that personal claims are any less complex.  We make sure that no matter what the claim, the attention and dedication needed to ensure that the resolution of the claim is fair and acceptable are given.  We get involved, negotiate, and remain involved until a resolution is made.  These and other efforts help us make sure that resolutions are fair and effective.  They also help us keep tabs on claims so that clients don’t have to.  Beyond resolutions, we consult with insureds to help the insureds avoid claim filings in the future.

If you file a claim or if another party files a claim against you, there are some things that you can do to make the claims resolution process faster and easier.  These are below:

  • Assess the situation and gather all relevant information.  Take pictures if necessary.
  • Call our office.  If it’s after hours then fill out THIS FORM as completely as possible and as soon after the event that causes the claim filing as possible.  We’ll call you when we’re next available.

If you have any questions or would simply like to know more, please contact us or give us a call.



Foroutan Insurance Services is proud to provide claims management services in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Vernon, and Torrance, CA.  We also serve other areas in the state and we serve all other 49 states.

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